Limos are a great way to get your party around town. Whether you want a limo for a bridal party, a family trip, or just to cruise around in with some friends, we have just the right size limo for you.

When you have a large group, it’s important to make sure that you choose the right Orlando limo service with a vehicle that will fit your whole group. With different limo sizes in our fleet, you don’t have to give up on your limo party dream.

Limos for Large Groups

We offer larger limos so that we can accommodate any size group. In order to know how big of a limo you need, though, you need to be relatively certain about the number of people you’re bringing. 

It’s also vital to understand that you can’t book a smaller limo and try to fit in a larger number of people. It’s compulsory for each individual to have a seat. So, you’ll need a much bigger limo for a group of 18 than for a group of 10.

Typically, small limos can hold up to eight people. You’d be glad to know that even our smaller limos can accommodate 10 people.

For large groups, you’ll find two main sizes of limos: medium and large. A medium limo will hold anywhere between 10 to 15 people. Large limos are much bigger and will start to look less like your classic limousine. However, our large limos can fit up to 18 people comfortably, so you really could have a party in one.

If you need a large limo, our exclusive Black Hummer Limo will be perfect for a party of 18. Go for our White Hummer Limo if you have a group of 16, or our classy White Escalade Limo for a group of 14. Whatever your choice, you can be sure of a spacious and luxurious limousine for an unforgettable time.

Tips for Choosing the Right Limo Size

Getting the right limo size for your group is essential. If it’s too small, you may not be allowed to bring everyone. To ensure that you get the right size limo, here are a couple of tips.

1. Know Your Group Size

When you book your limo, you need to know how big your group is going to be. This means asking everyone in your group if they’re going to be able to make it before you contact the company.

If you know you have a group of 14, book a limo for 14. However, if someone is still not sure if they’re coming, book a limo for 15. At the worst, you’ll have one extra seat. It really is important to have a solid number when booking your limo, so try to make sure everyone is committed when you make the call.

2. Read Reviews

A limo company might say their limos accommodate a group of 18, but check the reviews to make sure. Are people complaining about the limos being smaller than advertised or is there plenty of space onboard? 

Reviews can clue you in on how accurate a company’s limo sizing is, so they’re definitely worth checking out. It’s possible that someone in the reviews had the exact same group size as you!


Renting a limo for a large group can be fun, but make sure you plan and book well in advance. With a wide range of limousines in our fleet, we strive to serve groups of all sizes and be a unique part of your time in Orlando.