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Orlando Ultimate Town Car
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Andrew Hunt
Andrew Hunt
10 days ago
Our driver Darrick was amazing!!! Extremely professional, but also entertaining and charming especially with the kids. Service was on time, vehicle was new, very clean, and enjoyable. Highly recommended. Great value and even better staff and service. If service and cleanliness is important to you, you're picking the right company. Ask for Eddie and Darrick!
Erin Funderburk
Erin Funderburk
13 days ago
Orlando Ultimate Town Car was the perfect option to get our family to the airport. Professional service with car seats! Our driver Eduardo was on time, very professional, and super friendly! The car was so clean and the ride was very comfortable. You can’t go wrong by choosing this service. They accommodated our last minute request with no problem! I would use them again in the future. Highly recommend!
Savannah Vezina
Savannah Vezina
19 days ago
I hired this company to pick up my 14 year old from the airport in Orlando and drive him to Palm Bay an hour away. I was so very nervous. But they blew me away. Not only did the driver show up early way early. But he called and talked my son with directions the entire way to get him outside. The driver didn't complain or rush him. He guided him and was kind. I will use this service any and every time in the future. Amazing...
CharlesandDionisha Johnson
CharlesandDionisha Johnson
a month ago
Great customer service from beginning to end. Our driver Henry was super friendly and punctual. I will be using this service again in the future. I appreciate the accommodations and the overall cleanliness of the limo. We had a great time. Our family truly appreciates you.
Pete Verplancken
Pete Verplancken
a month ago
Great customer service! We have and will continue to use Ultimate, thank y’all!
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There is nothing quite like a limo ride. Whether you have a wedding, birthday, or some other fun event, a limo ensures that you will be able to take the event up a notch. Another bonus is that none of you will have to drive. There’s nothing to do except sit back and relax.

Before you jump in your limo, though, how much planning do you have to do with your route?

Find out about our Orlando limo service

Does My Limousine Route Need to Be Pre-planned?

In general, it is good to plan ahead, at least to some extent. Your driver will likely want to know about what route you want to take and the time frame involved, and you will want to know the answer.

You need to know all of your stops, and your driver needs to have notice of where you plan on stopping so that they can get you to where you need to go in time. It also helps your driver to avoid traffic if possible.

Ultimately though, your driver is experienced. They know the possible routes to destinations, so if you tell them where you want to go, they are perfectly capable of taking you there. You only need to worry about the route if you have a specific route in mind, like if you want to go somewhere scenic on your way.

If you have a specific route or a certain number of stops you need to make, ensure that you inform your driver beforehand. You cannot suddenly decide to add more stops right as your limo is arriving. Not only will this add an extra cost, but it will make it much more difficult for your driver to accurately predict what time you will arrive.

More Ways to Enjoy Your Limousine Ride

You have a lot of choices when it comes to your limo ride. Your limo service will often have their own music, or you can offer up your own playlist for the ride. You can even get song requests from your entire party to spice up the ride.

You can definitely ask about refreshments too. Even if you’re going to eat somewhere, you can enjoy some small snacks or drinks on the way there. You will have to ask your limo service about whether they have a bar inside. Always check with your limousine service to find out what facilities or services they offer beforehand, so you know exactly what to expect.


A limousine ride will make for unforgettable memories and make that event much more glamorous. There’s not much you need to prepare or plan for. After all, the whole point is to relax, enjoy and leave it to your experienced limousine driver to get you to your destination. If you have any specific requests or routes that you want to take, be sure to let your driver know prior to the day itself. Otherwise, all you need to focus on is taking in the sights and enjoying the ride!