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Vacation in Orlando on a Budget

Introduction to Orlando

Orlando, Florida is one of the most visited vacation and holiday destinations in the world. It sits right in the middle of the state and enjoys year-round fair weather. People flock to the abundance of amusement parks and attractions that are kid-friendly and safe. Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando play host to tens of millions of visitors a year, but there are lots of other activities that are just as exciting. If you have the right plan, you can enjoy your Orlando vacation without breaking your budget

Getting Around Orlando

The Orlando International Airport is your main transport hub to the area we provide transportation to orlando airport. It's just six miles southeast of Orlando and you can find an affordable rental car, SUV or minivan just minutes from your arrival gate. Once you get inside a theme park, you can make use of the public transportation, but you may want to save money by renting a vehicle or hiring a car service. We understand driving in an unfamiliar city you’re visiting can be confusing. This way, you can easily zip from one spot to any other of Orlando’s many fun destinations. Since so many people visit Orlando every year, there are many transportation options. Allow us to give you a great deal and show you around Orlando at Take the guesswork out of getting around Orlando and rely on a trusted service that knows the city inside and out.

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Theme Parks and Attractions

There are just too many attractions in the Orlando area to see everything in one trip. So, you should plan which destinations you want to visit before the vacation even starts. The further in advance you buy your tickets, the more money you save. Some theme parks even offer park hopper tickets. At the top of the list you have Islands of Adventure with so many roller coasters and super-hero themed attractions. Disney's Magic Kingdom has six different areas of fun and entertainment. Another choice is Universal Studios with Harry Potter's Hogwarts Express and other shows, activities, and endless food options. If you plan on saving some money, don't exhaust yourself trying to see everything at once. Instead, focus on one major park each trip. This way you can book early and save on package deals.

Where to Stay

The accommodations in Orlando range from five-star resorts to budget inns. Some of the hotels that are inside the Disney resort can be a bit pricey, but you can find great accommodation deals on these hotels if you book in advance. Luckily, everything is centrally located. All the main attractions don’t require too much travel but they aren’t in walking distance of each other. Booking a hotel or inn just outside of the main tourist area will save you hundreds of dollars. A great budget saving strategy is to mark all of your intended destinations on a map, then look for a budget hotel that is located within driving range of those spots.

Dining on a Dime

Feeding your family while on vacation can really eat away at your holiday budget, especially if all of your meals come from restaurants inside Downtown Disney or inside any of the other theme parks. Have a plan before you start the trip. A great way to save money is to eat breakfast at a diner close to your hotel before you start the day. Load up on snacks that you can bring with you and don't forget to bring plenty of water. Plan which restaurants you want to visit before you set out on your day so that you won't get stuck with whatever is close by.

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